Survey Costs

Depending on the complexity level of works, the costs may differ.

Depending on the work volume, discounts may be applied.

For a customized price quotation, please request an offer.

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Estimated costs related to topographic survey applications

Survey Costs


Apartment, studio apartment (surface under 100 sqm)from 700 lei
Yard and house – for surface areas under 1000 sqm (without mapping)from 1400 lei
Yard and house – with surface areas between 1000 sqm and 1500 sqm (without mapping)from 1600 lei
Merging/subdividingfrom 500 lei/ lot (1-5 plot)
Merging/subdividing UIfrom 500 lei/ lot (1-5 plot)
Land Registry registration/records400÷800 lei/ request


Interior measurements – for the land registryfrom 4,5 lei/ sqm built (minimum 300 lei/level)
Interior measurements – for designfrom 6 lei/built sqm (minimum 400 lei/ level)
BOMA surveys according to measurements1÷7 lei/sqm


Property boundary tracingfrom 4,5 lei/ sqm built (minimum 300 lei/level)
Construction tracing - boundary/ axisfrom 650 lei
Execution support on construction sitesfrom 135 euro


Topography survey (without approval)–with maximum surface of 1000 sqmfrom 800 lei
Approval for topography surveyfrom 300 lei


Obtaining an urban planning certificate for merging/dismantlingfrom 1700 lei
Drafting a plan for the declaration of use and servitude for ENEL (without measurements)from 300 lei
Drafting a plan for the declaration of use and servitude for DISTRIGAZ (without measurements)from 300 lei
Drafting a plan for street frame overlapping according to the approved urban planning documentationfrom 400 lei
Drafting a coordinates inventory plan according to E-TERRAfrom 100 lei
Obtaining the municipal networks plan from PMBfrom 200 lei
Certification for post code and number addressfrom 1400 lei
Building certificatefrom 1700 lei


Subsidence monitoringfrom 15 EUR/mark leveling/measuring cycle


Point cloud (only scanning)request a personalized offer
3D Modelrequest a personalized offer
2D cross-sectionsrequest a personalized offer
Horizontal sectionsrequest a personalized offer
Facadesrequest a personalized offer
Floor flatnessrequest a personalized offer


EFC APARTMENTfrom 250 lei
EFC HOUSEfrom 3 lei/sqm (minimum 350 lei)
EFC COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS/PREMISESfrom 2 lei/sqm (minimum 350 lei)