Stages of construction – What steps should be followed?

Stages of construction – What steps should be followed?

We continue the series of informative materials that we provide to our clients and partners and we invite you to go through the information gathered by the Eurosurvey team regarding the steps to be taken in the construction process.

You will find out, in a chronological succession, what you must do from the moment of choosing and purchasing the land on which you are going to build, what the design itself involves, the steps to be take to obtain the building permits and approvals, the execution, the acceptance of the works, the drawing up of the technical book and the obtaining of the demolition permit, when applicable.

Choosing and buying land

The choice and purchase of land is an extremely important aspect and the decision must be weighed from several angles because its influence on the final project is extremely high.
Positioning in relation to the city center, the utilities found in the area, the surface, the shape and the proximities of the land dictates the purchase price.

Depending on all these aspects, the type of construction and the needs of those who will benefit from it in the end, the ideal land should or should not be close to schools, kindergartens and supermarkets, it must quickly connected to the utility networks in the area and be easily accessible from public roads.

Execution of the construction project

Once the details of the site on which you are to build are established, the realization of a construction project is the natural step that precedes the actual execution.

The preparation of such a project is carried out by authorized persons (architects, designers) whether they operate as Self-Employed Persons or within a company.

The construction project consists of all the drawn parts and written parts necessary for the construction of a construction and requires a series of approvals and verifications in accordance with the legislation in force.

Obtaining building permits and approvals

The building or demolition permit is the act of authority of the local public administration – county, municipal, town or commune, on the basis of which construction works can be executed or demolition works (and based on which the application of the legal measures regarding the location, design, execution and functioning of the investment objectives is ensured, respectively for the decommissioning of the constructions and the fittings.

Obtaining the approvals and approvals required by the Urbanism Certificate

The Urbanism Certificate is the document by which the applicant is made aware of the elements regarding the legal, economic and technical status of a building, the characteristics of the area where it is located, the urbanism requirements to be met, as well as the list of permits and agreements necessary for the authorization of construction works.

The notices are official opinions of the public administration based on which additional clarifications can be requested in order to issue the agreement for the execution of the construction. The Beneficiary is obliged to comply with all the indications contained in these documents and, if necessary, to modify the initial draft in order to receive the  the required approval.

Obtaining building permission

The Building/Demolition Permit is drawn up on the basis of and in compliance with the provisions of the urbanism documentations and the spatial plans, approved according to the law, of the requirements imposed by the urbanism certificate, as well as by the expressed approvals/agreements.

Obtaining environmental permits

The environmental approval is the administrative document issued by the competent authority for environmental protection, a document that confirms the integration of environmental protection aspects in the plan or program submitted for adoption, according to the legislative provisions in force.

Construction execution

Once all the authorizations and approvals necessary to start the construction works have been obtained, the actual procedure can be started.

The Beneficiary’s on-site representative is a site manager chosen by him and it is his responsibility to monitor the work during the execution in order to carry out quality works and in accordance with the technical design.

All construction works must be be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the project and, during the execution, the specialized designer has the obligation to monitor the execution on decisive phases of the construction works in the quality control programme, which shall form part of the documentation concerned and shall not change it.

Acceptance of construction works

The acceptance of the construction works and the related installations is made both at the completion of the works and at the expiry of the warranty term of the works.

Upon completion of the construction works, the Beneficiary represented by the Site Inspector shall organize the acceptance upon completion of the works. An acceptance committee shall meet and the date set shall be communicated to the members of the acceptance committee, the executor and the architect.

Obtaining the technical construction bookThe technical book of the construction is drawn up, during the execution by the beneficiary through the care of the site inspector, with the intervention of the constructor and the architect. It shall be finalised before the final acceptance.

After preparation, during the period of existence of the construction, until demolition, it is filled in and kept by the owner.

Documents required to obtain the demolition authorisation

The documents necessary for obtaining the demolition authorization include: the Urbanism Certificate, the cadastral documentation of the building, topographical plans of 1:500 and 1:2000, the ownership documents, the technical expertise to highlight the technical condition of the building, the proof of recording the project at the Order of Architects in Romania and the Project for authorizing the demolition works.

How can Eurosurvey help you?

Eurosurvey provides to its customers and partners engineering topography services, surveying, survey and Real Estate registration, construction behavior tracking in time, interior mapping according to BOMA standard, 3D laser scanning and may be helpful in obtaining urban planning certificates, local certificates and energy performance certificates.

We are waiting for you on our pages (website & social-media) for more details, personalized offers and free consultancy in setting the stages for the realization of the project.

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