Virtual tours

What is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour is a simulation of an existing location, usually composed of a sequence of panoramic videos or still images, which can be viewed in any direction, at 360 degrees.


• They allow the transposition of any space from reality in a digital format, in the form of an interactive 3D model, which can be accessed and viewed online.

• Provides a visual experience through where the visitor enters, walks around and virtually explores a place as if they were actually there.

• The tour can also use other multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration and text.

• With a 360 tour we can present the interior, the details of the space and even transmit the atmosphere.

Who needs a virtual tour?

  • Real estate industry (a realistic view of a house or property can be presented to interested buyers)
  • Playgrounds or adventure parks (will give those interested a complete overview of the spaces)
  • Hotels, restaurants, shops (increase in online bookings)
  • Educational and commercial purpose (can benefit all types of companies that present a space and thus convey trust)
  • Exhibitions, showrooms (can present exhibits in detail and the online visitors immediately find out details about the products or objects on display)
  • Interior design agencies (can show the spaces created in 360 complete galleries)
  • Other spaces.

Where can you promote a virtual tour?

  • on social media – Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin
  • Booking
  • on advertising posters
  • in real estate agencies
  • site collaborators


  • Allow buyers to view a property (increasing sales opportunities) because potential buyers have already “seen” the space and it will be a quicker route to the sales process.
  • A virtual tour is more than viewing a 360 panoramic image.
  • Users will be able to zoom or change directions automatically with the mouse when the virtual tour is completed.
  • When we host the virtual tour we give the right resources to be able to fit the tour on any page of the client’s website. In addition, any changes we make to the tour are automatically applied to the client’s website.


For information on virtual tours, requests for quotes, contact the specialist:

Cosmin Tărăboacă

Land surveyor /survey engineering