Topographic survey

With us you can be sure that your personal and your company’s project have a good start!

Any project is preceded by the execution of planimetric and altimetric surveying operations. This provides you certainty that the project designing is based on field real data and the property boundaries are correct.

We remind you that local authorities demand that such works should be approved by the territorial cadastre offices. It is essential to control the works during their execution in order to analyze the costs and to ensure you that your project develops properly.

Situation plans for permits : OCPI, Construction Authorization Project (PAC), PUD, PUZ, PUG

Cut/fill volume calculation, 3D land models

Designing situation plans for the street network rehabilitation that include transverse and longitudinal profiles

Situation plans for industrial platforms

Situation plans for archaeological sites

Situation plans for designing and rehabilitating utility networks (gas, water, sewage system)

AS BUILT mapping

Measurements for 2D and 3D façades mapping

Situation plans for designing and feasability study

Determination of GSM antennas, metal towers and constructions vertical orientation


Topographic survey

Topographic survey, 3D laser scanning - floor flatness, cross sections, interior mapping according to BOMA standard, land registration, topographic elevation and planimetric survey, altimetric and planimetric survey.

Topographic survey

Interior mapping according to BOMA standards, construction behavior tracking in time, topographic survey, topographic assistance on site

Cross sections, facades, level plans, topographic surveys

Topographic survey

3D survey site study/floor flatness/floor plans/determining BOMA rentable spaces

Floor plans , vertical sections - longitudinal and transversal, facades

Our portfolio illustrates the team’s collective effort in order to integrate various projects from areas of interest including projects both locally and European level.

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