Land registration

Being acquainted with the market dynamics and the specific law, we execute all types of survey applications.

Here are some reasons for which it is imperative to contract works of survey and real estate registration:

Starting a real estate project

The survey documentation is not registered yet in the Land Registry

The survey documentation is no longer up to date with current legislation

There is an overlap with one or more neighbours

You want to mortgage or dispose of a property (land, building, apartment)

Completion of a construction and registration in the land register

Dismantling of a building or the joining of several buildings

It is necessary to establish a charge (easement, surface)

The banking institution requests interior reliefs that do not exist in the previous documentation

The bank requests you interior mapping that was not prepared in the previous documentation

You have to radiate a construction from the Land Registry

First registration in the integrated system of Cadastre and Land Registration

Building subdivision into apartment units

Update of survey documentations

Update of property boundaries
Update of immovable property surface
Update of the user class
Update of the immovable property destination (within built-up area or outside built-up area)
Registration of the new built construction
Update of the documentation with interior mapping

Abrogations of collective land registries


Permits: Building Permit Technical Documentation (DTAC), Detailed Urban Plan (PUD), Regional Urban Plan (PUZ), General Urban Plan (PUG)



Land registration

On site topographic assistance

Real estate registration, construction registration, documentation to declare subdivision into flats, land dismantling.

Topographic survey, 3D laser scanning - floor flatness, cross sections, interior mapping according to BOMA standard, land registration, topographic elevation and planimetric survey, altimetric and planimetric survey.

Cadastral documentation (interior mapping)

Construction behavior tracking in time of the executed and neighboring constructions, land and construction registration, documentation to declare subdivision into flats, land dismantling

Topography survey , execution support , construction behavior tracking in time, land registry .

Land registry, internal surveys, construction registration

Our portfolio illustrates the team’s collective effort in order to integrate various projects from areas of interest including projects both locally and European level.

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