Survey engineering

More than 100 sites where we have been present make it evident when you need property boundary marking, stakeout of axes or construction checking during execution.

Any project is preceded by the execution of planimetric and altimetric surveying operations. This provides you certainty that the project designing is based on field real data and the property boundaries are correct.

We remind you that local authorities demand that such works should be approved by the territorial cadastre offices. It is essential to control the works during their execution in order to analyze the costs and to ensure you that your project develops properly.

Topograhic assistance on construction sites

The role of engineers in performing measurements during the execution of any type of structure has proven to be indispensable over time. For this very reason, we come to your support by providing you with quality services, in this area of activity, by relying on our experienced and always-on team.

We can provide you with a permanent presence on site or on request, depending on the complexity of the work.

Operations executed within this type of service:

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Stakeout of land boundaries for cutting

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Stakeout of pillar designed position

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Stakeout of diaphragm wall designed position

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Stakeout of the project axes for each level

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Stakeout of elevation point 0 and other elevation points of the project

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Stakeout of elevation points and formwork position

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Vertical positioning and checking of cranes and other work equipment

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Daily checks of executed elements (reinforcements, formworks, poles, diaphragms)

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Stakeout of elevation points for concrete equalization

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Placement of reinforcement and metal plates

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Vertical positioning and tracking for metal or concrete poles

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Positioning beams and checking structure geometry

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Cut/fill volume calculation (earthwork volumes)

Stakeout of property boundaries

We often hear about situations concerning mispositioning of property (land), overlaps and disputes between owners.

Appealing to our services would keep you away from such issues.

For the execution of this type of works, the building contour lines can be requested from the Territorial Cadastre Office.

Another option is to provide us with a copy of the survey documentation that includes the building coordinates.

Following the on-site location of these coordinates, a Marking (Picketing) Report will be prepared and issued to help you in relation with your neighbors and other institutions implied.

Contact an engineering surveyor

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