OCPI/BCPI documents

We support your projects and we help you save time by obtaining necessary documents from the Cadastre and Land Registration Offices.

We obtain in your name urban planning certificates, local authority certificates and energy performance certificates. We know how important time is for each one of us and we are here to help you save it.

We can go to institutions and obtain on your behalf:

Energy certificates for housing, commercial and industrial premises

Urban planning certificate for subdivision/merger

City Hall certificates

Building permit

Achievement of energy performance certificate

Tax Registration Certificate

Tax roll update

Postal number Certificate

Various copies, documents issued by city halls, notaries public, courts etc.

Framing area plans

Cadastral plan extracts on the orthophotoplan support

Land Registry extracts

Certified copies from the Survey/ Land Registry archive

Encumbrance certificate

Obtaining confirmation of an existing land registry

Contact a land surveyor


Land surveyor