Construction behavior tracking in time

What is the construction behavior tracking in time?
The construction behavior tracking in time is carried out throughout the whole life period of the construction since its execution and consists in a systematic collection and capitalization activity of the information resulted from the observation and measurements on some phenomena and sizes that characterize the properties of the constructions when related to the surrounding environment and technology.
Why is it important to track construction behavior in time?

The purpose of construction behavior tracking in time is to obtain information in order to ensure their capabilities for normal exploitation, to assess the conditions for preventing incidents, accidents and damages, namely the decline of material damages, losses of life and environment deterioration, as well as to have the information necessary to construction activity improvement. All the actions previously mentioned are carried out based on the normative act P130/1999 on the construction behavior tracking in time.

Most projects, whether they come from residential, retail or industrial area, implicate the construction monitoring since the project phase. Most frequently, the monitoring of subsidence and cracks is required both for the construction/constructions under execution, but especially for the neighboring ones.

Eurosurvey applies the method of geometric precision leveling and ensures this precision through the equipment with which we perform the
measurements. We apply the Trimble DiNi 03 digital level that grants a measurement accuracy of ± 0.3mm / double Km of leveling with invar leveling rods.

Eurosurvey also deals with the acquisition of subsidence marks that must comply with STAS 104493-76.

UCC, monitoring of subsidence and cracks

Construction behavior tracking in time is mandatory for all categories of buildings and will be provided by: owners, administrators and / or users. It takes place throughout the life of the construction, starting with its execution, being a systematized activity of: collecting and capitalizing on data through – interpretation, warning, alarm and damage prevention. UCC offers a clear picture of both the progress of the project and the evolution of the construction, thus allowing a better management of the building, reducing material damage and negative impact on the environment.

The services rendered by Eurosurvey take into account several factors in order to create graphs and useful reports in solving any problem that may arise along the way and which establish the safe operation of the building.

Eurosurvey provides construction behavior tracking services with a high degree of accuracy, such as :

Installation of subsidence marks in the foundation in order to follow the settlement of the construction and / or the neighboring constructions

Periodic measurements of cracks and subsidence with the help of digital sublimation with an accuracy of 2-3 hundredths of a millimeter. These degradations can occur due to internal loads or external factors

Handing over each tranche to the beneficiary, along with photos and graphics that indicate variations in cracks and settlements over time

Monitoring of flat or three-dimensional displacements and deformations using state-of-the-art total stations such as Trimble S5 2 ”DR


Construction behavior tracking in time

Interior mapping according to BOMA standards, construction behavior tracking in time, topographic survey, topographic assistance on site

Floor plans and facades for determining verticality, georeferencing, construction behavior tracking in time

Construction behavior tracking in time of the executed and neighboring constructions, land and construction registration, documentation to declare subdivision into flats, land dismantling

Construction behavior tracking in time.

Interior measurements 60,000 sqm and calculation of rentable areas according to BOMA standard

Topography survey , execution support , construction behavior tracking in time, land registry .

11 buildings G+11S. Resistance structure is monolith C30/C37 armored concrete, foundation is 85 cm thick with two-level basements and 30 cm thick walls.

Our portfolio illustrates the team’s collective effort in order to integrate various projects from areas of interest including projects both locally and European level.

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