Construction behavior tracking in time

What is the construction behavior tracking in time?

The tracking of construction behavior in time is carried out throughout the whole life period of the construction since its execution and consists in a systematic collection and capitalization activity of the information resulted from the observation and measurements on some phenomena and sizes that characterize the properties of the constructions when related to the surrounding environment and technology

Why is it important to track construction behavior in time?

The purpose of tracking the behavior in time of constructions is to obtain information in order to ensure their capabilities for normal exploitation, to assess the conditions for preventing incidents, accidents and damages, namely the decline of material damages, losses of life and environment deterioration, as well as to have the information necessary to construction activity improvement. All the actions previously mentioned are carried out based on the normative act P130/1999 on the construction behavior tracking in time.

Most projects, whether they come from residential, retail or industrial area, implicate the construction monitoring since the project phase. Most frequently, the monitoring of subsidence and cracks is required both for the construction/constructions under execution, but especially for the neighboring ones.

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EuroSurvey applies the high precision geometric leveling method and this exactitude is also ensured by the equipment that we use to carry out the measurements. We apply the Trimble DiNi 03 digital level that grants a measurement accuracy of ± 0.3mm / double Km of leveling with invar leveling rods. With our professional background and ongoing large projects, we provide free consultancy services on the positioning of subsidence marks.

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EuroSurvey also deals with the acquisition of subsidence marks that must comply with STAS 104493-76.

Urmarirea comportarii in timp a constructiilor
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