A virtual tour is a simulation of an existing location, usually composed of a sequence of panoramic videos or still images, which can be viewed in any direction, at 360 degrees.

AACR opinion represents a technical documentation drawn up by a certified ANCPI survey engineer in Global Geodetic System WGS-84 and Black sea 1975 reference systems.

The BOMA standards were developed for an efficient management of surfaces and costs associated with an immovable property subject to lease. This standard refers to office buildings, retail, residential, industrial, but also mixed-use projects.

We support your projects and we help you save time by obtaining necessary documents from the Cadastre and Land Registration Offices.

Most projects, whether they come from residential, retail or industrial area, implicate the construction monitoring since the project phase. This is the case when the project falls under the normative act P130-1999.

More than 100 sites where we have been present make it evident when you need property boundary marking,