WDP Păulești

WDP Păulești

Location: Prahova County.

Project name: construction of WDP Păulești.

Objective: 3D survey site study/floor flatness/interior surveys (horizontal sections)/determining BOMA rentable spaces.

Deliverables: floor flatness analysis in .dwg/horizontal sections (2D survey)/3D survey site study – 3D topographical survey/ determining BOMA rentable spaces.

Scanned surface: 11.500 sqm

Equipment used: Trimble TX8/Trimble S5 Total Station

Workflow (office and on-site):

  • Acquisition of site located in Prahova County
  • Establishing the positioning for the scanning stations and the resolution needed for the required level of detail
  • Point cloud recording and geo-differentiation (processing and transposition in the Stereographic 1970 projection system – used for all buildings in Romania)