Novum Politehnica

Construction behavior tracking in time of the executed and neighboring constructions, land and construction registration, documentation to declare subdivision into flats, land dismantling

Delta City

On site topographic assistance ,cadastral and land book registration (construction registration, subdivision into flats)

Green Park Residence

On site topographic assistance ,land registry, construction registration, implementing apartment model.

Willbrook Platinum

Interior measurements 60,000 sqm and calculation of rentable areas according to BOMA standard

Gran Via Park

11 buildings G+11S. Resistance structure is monolith C30/C37 armored concrete, foundation is 85 cm thick with two-level basements and 30 cm thick walls.

Cortina Academy

Topographic survey for design, topographic assistance on site, construction behavior tracking in time, land registry, updating, construction registration, individual units.

Dedeman Băneasa

300.000 square meters store, 36-million-euro investment, 500 overground parking spots, 250 underground parking spots.