Case study – scanning services for the restoration of a building in Bucharest

Case study – 3D scanning services for the restoration of a building in Bucharest

When we chose to publicly present a case study that would reflect the work of the Eurosurvey team as relevant as possible, it was a difficult decision.

From the totality of the work we have in our portfolio, selecting one that would be representative of the whole team was difficult.

We put our finger on the project pictured below, made for a building in Bucharest for which our team provided 3D laser scanning measurements, architectural drawings and 3D modelling for an area of 3629 sqm.


Preparation of documentation including a series of detailed illustrated deliverables such as: facades, bridge plan, cross sections, roof plan, level plans and 3D model.

The area to be covered is 3629 sqm and the equipment used was Trimble TX8.


The Eurosurvey team composed of  2 survey engineers experienced in 3D scanning / 1 survey engineer experienced in point cloud processing worked both in the field and in the office to ensure the deliverables needed to complete the work.


In order to provide the deliverables, the Eurosurvey team carried out a series of activities aimed at streamlining the workflow and obtaining the results of the measurements in top quality conditions.

The positioning of the scanning stations and the resolution used were determined according to the level of detail required by the design theme.

As regards the connection of the previously positioned stations, it was carried out on the basis of the scanned common plans (common plans are represented by: floor, ceiling, partition walls). A total of 320 3D laser scanning stations were made.

The facades were created based on the point cloud using AutoCAD software.

The final point of the work was the modelling of architectural elements and decorations using Autodesk Revit software.

The actual time to complete the deliverables was 20 days.


You can choose us for: a high degree of detail, a quality guarantee that cannot be disputed, fast results and high-precision equipment, details correctly identified, measured and interpreted by a team of 3D scanning specialists.

Maintaining quality demands in the way we work – from the actual measurements to their translation into digital format through 3D modelling – is part of the daily routine of our engineering teams and adding exciting projects to the Eurosurvey portfolio is our common goal.

Check out what our customers say and give us the chance to prove to you that everything you’ve heard about us is true: we love what we do and our results recommend us as specialists in engineering surveying, 3D laser scanning, specialist documentation for various authorities and digital modelling.

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