Dimache Alexandru Land surveyor/survey engineering
Alexandru Dimache – Land surveyor/survey engineering, graduate of the Technical University of Construction Bucharest.
A few lines about me:
I chose to move to Bucharest primarily for the future Dimache family and I’m glad that with the move I got to Eurosurvey. I ended up in what feels like a family, not a job. Note here that I don’t like to lie, rather, if I lie, I give myself away sooner or later. Something like my poker face…as soon as I get the straight, your Alex starts smiling and shaking with happiness.
About the field, I love it. It wasn’t love at first sight, nor do I believe in such a thing, but gradually I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not going to do anything but topographical measurements. A plus at Eurosurvey is that I’ll have the chance to specialise in what I love even more – survey engineering ..the greater the accuracy required, the greater the happiness. All I can say about the field is that I still have a lot to learn.
In terms of principles, I’ve had a lot…I don’t think they’ve gone away, maybe they’ve just gone to another level. The only one I can think of now, even when I’m not right, I’m still right.
I’m not going to lie, before writing what I hope you’ve read so far and not skipped the lines, I had some inspiration from which I got the motto idea. Mine would be “If you’re going through hell, keep going”…I’ll leave it to you to look up whose it is.
What about me…I really don’t have any ideas right now as to what else I like, like football, fishing, philately and other activities – apparently I like to write. But you’ll certainly get to know me.
In conclusion…no conclusions because that would mean something final. There is no final, everything is in constant motion. Okay, it stops occasionally when the GPS signal drops.

Trasare axe construcție proiectată

Ce reprezinta axele unei construcții? În general, construcţiile noi proiectate sunt, de cele mai multe ori, de formă dreptunghiulară sau pătrată. Fiind figuri geometrice regulate sau iregulate, în cazuri speciale, proiectul va conţine axe necesare pentru trasarea construcţiilor. Mai pe scurt, axele unei construcţii reprezintă elemente proiectate definitorii pentru o construcţie. Când avem nevoie de […]